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Red Eva Porcelain Dinner Plate

Red Eva Porcelain Dinner Plate

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Anchor a tablescape with this whimsical porcelain dinner plate rimmed in red tribal pattern.

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Product Overview

With a personality that exuded charm and grace, Eva Gabor was most famously known as one of the “Gabor Sisters”. As a socialite and actress, the spotlight was often focused on her polished and beautiful persona. Vanity Fair coined her a “game performer with a wholesome, even cheerful sensuality”.

The Eva Collection steals the spotlight just like Miss Gabor did. The porcelain, red tribal-patterned dinner plate anchors your table with ‘cheerful sensuality’. Versatility of the plate allows for the perfect addition to a mix-and-match placesetting.

Dimensions & Details

Material: Porcelain
Diameter: 10.5"
Weight: 1.5 lb/plate
Dishwasher & microwave safe
Made in China